A   C  H  A  N  G  I  N  G
Welcome to the second issue of the Horn & Ivory zine. We're now on twitter which is great, but what's even greater is being able to bring you this issue. Zodiac: A Changing is something that swoops and falls, something that twists out of your hands when you try and grab it.

Some changes are gentle, others are violent. Some we can forgive ourselves for, but others we can't. Everything is still moving. As Venus crosses from Taurus, across Orion the Hunter, and towards Gemini, remember that change is always happening. We can always choose to happen with it.

Thank you to all our contributors & the Horn & Ivory team for making this possible; it's a wonderful hairpin turn, a chicane with your eyes closed.

Thank you for all your support & love with the last issue. We hope you love Zodiac as much as we do & we can't wait to bring the next one to you. We hope you'll be a part of it, if you aren't already.

Love & best wishes,
the editor &
the Horn & Ivory team x
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