by forrest jamie
He's playing me 
acoustic heartbreak in 
the scale of Lies
but it's my time now. It's my turn
so hush down and close your eyes.

No, you don't know this one,
only I know the words to this song.
Hush down now and close your eyes.
I'll sing us to sleep -
you for a few hours,
me forever. 

A Tylenol lullaby bye baby,
composed of some whiskey and codeine. 
A cocktail hymn of shallow breaths and SSRIs.
My narcotic lullaby bye baby,
for your ears and one night only.

Under stainglass stars and porcelain moonlight.
My lethal lullaby bye baby,
my song of goodnight 
Forrest Jamie is a passionate creator in several different mediums. An emerging writer, makeup & SPFX artist, she is also very invested in mental health advocacy, having personal experience with mental illness.
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