2 A.M. Interlude

by kanika lawton

You never drank the pineapple vodka
I bought for you that night, or gave me
anything that wasn’t attached to your

You called me slurring that your best
friend locked himself in the bathroom
and that you miss me so much you can’t
tell the love from the hurt

or the I need you from the fuck you.

I never wanted to cry over you, but
we all have our late-night regrets.

Kanika Lawton is a poet and editor from Vancouver, Canada, founder and editor-in-chief of L'Éphémère Reviewand a visual arts editor for Venus MagazineShe received a BA in Psychology with a Minor in Film Studies from the University of British Columbia. She loves the ocean and you.

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Read 2 A.M. Interlude & others in Kanika's chapbook Santo California here.
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