A   D  E  E  P  E  N  I  N  G
Hi all & welcome to the final issue of the Horn & Ivory zine. We've had a few people express surprise that our little project is already coming to an end, but no one is more surprised than we are. While this date seemed impossibly far away when we first started accepting submissions in June, time is, of course, a relentless beast / a rollercoaster ride without breaks except those that come finally, at the end.

In many ways, we're devastated to be ending this project so soon; in other's, we're thrilled that we had such a good run. Our temporary nature meant we got to interact with our contributors & everyone who submitted to us in a way that larger journals & zines probably rarely get the chance to.

On that note, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone from readers, to writers, to the people that retweeted us for making this possible. There were times when it was hard going, but it's been wonderful to be able to share this all with you.

To say thank you, we welcome to our longest issues ever. Like a number of major franchises we could name, we've decided to split our final instalment into two parts. Unlike most of those major franchises, we're bringing both of them to you at the same time. This final issue is the tide coming in, a sudden drop to the deep end of the pool, lying back on the beach & letting the sand surround you.

We hope it stays with you for as long as it will us.

All the best & all of our love
the Horn & Ivory team
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